Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Political Humor That I Don't Agree With, But Is Still Quite Funny

The new Apple product.

George W. Bush Visits the TeleTubbies.


Mark said...

John, this must have been painful for you to watch, since you are a Bushie AND the awful truth has come out that he's also a bunny nuker.

Anonymous said...

Mac skit was clever.
Ugh on the teletubbies with or without GWB. I was quite suprised that it passed muster with you knowing that you like rabbits.
Thanks for the laugh.

Joseph (The poster formerly known as Dark Gable)

Willie Deuel said...

That MAD TV segment was hysterical!

methodist monk said...

The iRack made me laugh out loud, too funny.

Lets put in more products!!!

I won't listen to any of you!