Friday, April 01, 2005

Let the DeLinking Begin!

Classical Values is sad about the recent silly delinking campaign directed against Instapundit, LGF, INDC Journal, and other prominent blogs, but not against him:

But I have to admit to feeling a little neglected here, knowing that I'm not even good enough to deserve a delinking from ol' hunnert percent of whatever it is that's being totaled.

Waaaahhhhh! Nobody hates me!

My heart bleeds for Eric. Therefore, I hereby declare a blog war against Classical Values! Although I had not linked to him before, I pulled up Blogger, linked to Eric, and then delinked him immediately. I command my legion of slavishly loyal blog readers to do likewise. Destroy Classical Values!


kat said...

You are such a hawk.

John said...

And a successful one, Wifey! It appears that Classical Values blog is down. The blogosphere trembles at my power!