Monday, June 13, 2005

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup #17

Here's the Week in Review in the Methodist blogosphere:

Dave Warnock expounded on the dynamic of smallness in churches and in doing so responds to conservative assertions that liberal churches are shrinking or do not grow. He also wrote about the way that the Church responds to poverty.

Beth Quick directed us to an interview with a celebrity who wrestles with his Christian faith. She also informed readers on how her love of theatre and her ministry are intertwined and blogged about attending annual conference.

Theresa Coleman did some lovely photoblogging at the beach, gave a detailed description of a perfect day, and compares a post-surgical infection experience with the process of grief (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!)

Jordan Cooper brings us the terrible news that he has been diagnosed with diabetes. Please pray for him and his family. He also wrote on the future of the Emergent movement.

Donald Sensing wrote that the right to bear arms is an essential human right -- and the only effective way to prevent genocide. He also marked the anniversary of the Battle of Midway and mused how war reporting has changed since then.

Matthew Johnson is puzzled over the meaning of righteousness as expressed in Paul's Letter to the Romans.

At Connexions, Richard Hall blogged about British legislation to ban blasphemy against different religions, the secret editing of White House global warming reports, and scientific proof of global warming. Joel Thomas blogged about his experience with circumcision and how Christians needlessly exclude people who are different.

Gavin Richardson wrote about Mike Tyson as a missionary, his first professional quotation, and the ecclesiology in the hymn "We Are the Church."

Gregory Lee blogged about different Bible translations and what it means to be Methodist and evangelical.

Jeff Lutz wrote about efforts to reduce federal funding for the National Weather Service.

Jay Voorhees blogged about efforts to change the way that representation is proportioned on UMC boards and agencies.

John Wilks wrote about Jesus and Hell, coming to grips with his Christian faith and the necessity of war (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!), discerning if God's will and revival is active in a congregation and a denomination, and Annual Conference.

Wes Magruder wrote about a United Methodist pastor/inmate at a Cameroonian prison (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!) and the importance of pastoral integrity.

Jonathan Norman's been playing with Photoshop and theology again.

Scandal of Particularity blogged about meaningful prayer for the poor.

Dean Snyder analyzed efforts to change representation proportionality in the UMC (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!), interviewed pastor and evangelist James Farmer, and wrote about the nature of revival within mainline churches.

Shane Raynor wrote about liberal-conservative struggles within mainline churches, political speechifying in the UMC, the purpose of interfaith dialogue, and growing liberal congregations.

James Gibson blogged about the arrogance of the US Senate.

Andy Bryan wrote about the social behavior of the US House Judiciary Committee and his experience visiting with Alzheimer's patients.

Steve Heyduck at Bandits No More wrote about the theology of "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors." He also wrote about the importance of answering questions to make progress in any organization. Richard H wrote about the appeal of conservative Christianity.

ConXian blogged about keeping faith in God during the barren years (Genesis 18:1-15). He also wrote extensively on the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.

Josh Tinley wrote about the need for a higher minimum wage, disagreeing with other Christians while remaining civil, questions on global warming, African Anglican congregations turning away donations from liberal American Episcopalian churches, and the re-election of Sen. Richard Lugar.

Progressive Christian blogged about balancing the need for justice with the need for charity in helping the poor and oppressed.

Thoughts from an Earthen Vessel wrote that Wesleyan holiness does not equal social justice.

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