Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Virginia Methodists Vote to Divest from Israel

From the Virginian-Pilot:

Jun. 16--HAMPTON -- Representatives for Virginia's more than 340,000 United Methodists called Wednesday for their denomination to consider divesting stock in companies whose dealings with Israel facilitate the seizure of Palestinian land or the destruction of Palestinian homes.

The resolution was approved during the annual meeting of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church, which ended Wednesday at the Hampton Coliseum. The denomination has 1,211 congregations in Virginia.

The measure was reminiscent of a resolution approved last summer by the national assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA. That action prompted criticism and concern among many American Jews who felt it unfairly targeted Israel and dismissed Palestinian violence.

I wonder if the Virginians would also care to critique the Palestinians' "Exterminate the Jews" policy?

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Dean Snyder said...

You are right. To be fair and balanced we should also divest stocks from companies whose dealings with the Palestinians facilitate Palestinian acts of resistance and retaliation against Israel.

Quotidian Grace said...

I'm so sorry that a Methodist group followed the PCUSA's deplorable example. Many of us in my presbytery have been trying to get the divestment resolution rescinded --it's caused quite an uproar among the ordinary folks in the pews who see Israel as the one dependable ally of the US in the Mid-east and the Palestinian terrorists as, well, Terrorists.

Joel Thomas said...

Palestians are immorally occupied by Israel. Palestians have no right to attack civilians, but they have every right to attack any uniformed Israeli military member. I condemn all suicide bombings. However, the Israelis have the money, they have the military, and they have the oppressive backing of the United States government. But it is the the poor Palestinians confined to the ghetto that get all the blame. I don't in any way identify with people who claim that Palestinians have no right to resist. That's the same as saying that Blacks had no right to resist slavery or segregation.

MaoBi said...

Now it has become clear why Muslims blow themselves up hoping to find 72 virginians on the other side. They clearly are ready and willing to bend over.

It's a dark day when people who claim to be christians side with muslims. Even accepting that the Israeli side is imperfect (true), such a one sided boycott ignores that the palestinians are also wrong.

How about china, rwanda, north korea and indonesia? Why just Israel?


John said...

Joel, the Palestinians lost their land in 1967 when they used it to invade Israel (while under Jordanian rule).

If you attack your neighbor and lose, don't be surprised if you lose your land. I'm quite unsympathetic.

In WWI, Germany attacked France. Germany lost. Among the consequences was the loss of Alsace-Lorraine to France. After WWII, Germany lost pieces of Prussia to Poland. If the Germans want them back, too bad. They shouldn't have invaded their neighbors.

And the same reasoning works with the Palestinians.