Monday, August 29, 2005

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 28

Here's the week in review in the Methodist blogosphere:

James Gibson wrote about the differences between United Methodism and genuine Methodism, the need for trained apologists within mainline denominations, and his completion of the ordination process in the Anglican church.

Andy Bryan blogged about Pat Robertson.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps wrote about Arminian and Calvinist views of evangelism.

Chris Morgan blogged about gas prices and his salvation story.

At Bandits No More, Richard wrote about liberal bias in universities and seminaries and welcoming unrepentant sinners into church membership.

Ben Witherington blogged about the negative consequences of Christian communication by computers.

Beth Quick wrote about a vegetarians' convention and sacred spaces.

James Swanson wrote about how people can prevent you from helping them.

William Willamon blogged about a Biblical view of co-dependency (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!).

Brian Russell wrote that every Christian needs to confront the central problem in the world: his own sin.

Cole Wakefield blogged about people threatening to leave the UMC.

At Connexions, Richard Hall wrote about US energy consumption and American obesity. Joel Thomas wrote about Native American tribal government organization and a Christian view of alcohol.

Dave Warnock blogged about the future of the British Methodist Church.

Dean Snyder wrote about a UMC mission for day laborers, the difference between churches and sects, emotional tolls from the Lake Junaluska debate, and interviewing Troy Plummer.

Donald Sensing wrote about a plan to release the Strategic Oil Reserve, the hurricane's anticipated impact on gas prices, the hurricane's projected path, the peace of Fallujah, military base closures in Tennessee, the Iraqi constitution, and Fred Phelps.

Gavin Richardson blogged about a Christian view of marketing and his appreciation for professional wrestling.

Greg Hazelrig wrote about confronting people who sin against you and his thoughts on the hurricane.

Gregory Lee blogged about seeing the Kingdom of God expressed through its citizens, seeing manifestations of the Holy Spirit in prison, and the hurricane.

Growing Up wrote about seeing prevenient grace in children's literature.

Inside Mike's Head blogged about loving the most detestable people, the modern church and the fine arts, and having the willingness to be used by Christ as a building block for his church.

James Spring wrote that pop culture is a major deciding factor in the popularity of conservative churches.

Jay Voorhees wrote about the hurricane and his church's disaster management program.

John Wilks blogged about a proper approach to the End Times, a Christian view of marriage, Pat Robertson, and the love that God has for sinners.

Jonathan Mills wrote about Pat Robertson.

Jonathon Norman blogged about the teachings of Hauerwas, his decidedly violent nature and its consequences, and a morally unified pro-life position.

Jordon Cooper wrote about sports doping and Pat Robertson.

Josh Tinley blogged about the sacrifice of Jephthah, a bloggers' lunch that he attended with a U.S. Senate candidate, reactions to natural disasters, the Tennessee Titans, male attitudes about rape, and the 'corna' hand gesture.

Ken Carter has a fascinating story about a divine appointment.

Larry Hollon wrote about the history of American spirituality, the culture of debt, a Christian view of personal finance, financial hoarding, embracing the consumer culture, a Christian use of marketing media, and Christian community building.

Maobi blogged about ethnicity definitions in Malaysia, the Israeli departure from Gaza, Malaysia automobile manufacturing, Muslim hypocricy in religious freedom, fetal pain, Palestinian terrorism, Spanish appeasement, Pat Robertson, the conviction of a Malaysian girl of apostasy, and the quality of reporting on water quality.

Matthew Collins wrote about Cindy Sheehan.

Matthew Johnson blogged about his dislike of subject headings in Bibles.

Craig Moore wrote about the tension between liberal and conservative Methodists.

Dan Gates blogged about power structures within the UMC, the future of UMC church discipline in the light of the Beth Stroud case, the response of UMC church leaders to the Lake Junaluska controversy, and his thoughts about the Hearts of Fire convocation.

Michael Daniel wrote about abortion and the Roberts SCOTUS nomination.

Nate Louks blogged about hair loss.

Octomusings wrote about psychological recovery from 9/11.

Pastor Blue Jeans blogged about being arrogant for Christian knowledge.

Phil Smith listed some good emergent newsgroups.

Random Thoughts wrote about seizing pastoral moments.

Theresa Coleman prayed for rest.

See Through Faith wrote about God as a father figure, respect for parents and the inheritance they leave us, that we are the fruits of the spirit, the difference between repentence and regret, and personal spiritual responsibility.

Stephen Fife blogged about Brother Roger.

Tim Sisk wrote about Pat Robertson and the problem of mixing politics and faith and the hurricane.

Jim McKay blogged about life advice from a dog.

Shane Raynor wrote about the Cole Wakefield media empire, UMC advertising, and Lake Junaluska.

Rev Rad blogged about Pat Robertson.

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Wes the Wesleyan wrote about a group of Mormons renting a UMC retreat facility.

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