Monday, April 03, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 59

Here's the week in review in the Methodist blogosphere:

Greg Crofford wrote about why capital punishment should be banned, sweet home West Virginia, and the separation of church in state as it plays in adoption services.

Andy Stoddard lectionary blogged for March 27, 30, and 31.

At Appian Way, Clif Guy interviewed Chuck Russell about the ministry of UMCOM. Chuck Russell then joined Appian Way and wrote about the increasing age of new Methodist clergy.

Chris Morgan wrote about what churches unknowningly do to drive off youth.

Bad Methodist blogged about the notion that homosexual parents molest their children.

At Bandits No More, Richard Heyduck wrote about immigration policy.

Beth Quick reviewed the movie Inside Man and wrote about how pastors handle stress.

Betty Newman wrote about blaming the devil for our sins and how boldly we should pray.

Bruce Alderman blogged about the persecution of Christians (or lack thereof).

At Connexions, Joel Thomas wrote about Christian bloggers partnering with the gambling industry, how the FDA is affecting his narcolepsy treatment, and how Wesley insisted on preachers who were both educated (or educatable) and passionate. And although he didn't write four paragraphs on any subject, Richard Hall did dress up like a woman and dance in public this week.

Dave Morris suggested what Pat Robertson should be praying for other than a new Supreme Court.

Steve Heyduck calculated the odds of being able to follow Jesus.

Sleepwriter wrote about how hard it is to be a Christian.

Greg Hazelrig advised people to count their blessings and what our society glorifies.

Greg Lee preached on the pride of Nebuchadnezzar and how Americans should respond to illegal immigration.

Henry Neufield blogged on genre and canonical criticism, what it means for a doctrine to be 'Biblical', why Intelligent Design is theology done badly, how Christians should read the Old Testament, why Christians should think critically, the Biblical language of a personal relationship with Jesus, and the incarnational nature of Scripture.

Jay Voorhees prayed for our war dead, the inability of Tennessee Episcopalians to elect a bishop, and the shortage of hospital beds in Nashville.

John Battern reviewed the book Whole New Mind.

Josh Tinley reviewed the book Travelling Mercies.

Larry Hollon reflected on the Hank Williams song "I Saw the Light" and how denominations address change organizationally.

Mitchell Lewis wrote about what Nicodemus thought about being born again and the effectiveness of rote prayer.

Mark Winter said that repentance is necessary for revival.

Matt Kelley discussed the book Nickled and Dimed.

Michael Daniel defended The DaVinci Code and wrote about the wastefulness of church and trying to find the perfect preacher.

Michelle Hargrave is opposed to a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Neil Bishop blogged about the concept of priesthood in the Methodist tradition.

At New Reality Blog, Ric wrote about communicating Christ in a post-Christian America and how the UMC is responding to public education in Ohio.

Olive Morgan wrote about Laphamization in the British news media.

Rick Mang blogged about how the free market mentality effects church life.

Peter Raser preached on the identity that God wants for us.

Joe Tiedemann wrote about the spiritual impact of routines.

Sandpiper wrote that all of God's children are indispensible to the Kingdom and whether or not doubt is a sin.

Lorna Koskela reviewed the books Life is a Buffet and So Much More and wrote about why we are reluctant to share our testimony.

Tony Mitchell preached on short-term thinking among Christians and American policymakers.

Wes Whiddon wrote about immigration policy.

Jim McKay wrote about the new White House Chief of Staff.

Shane Raynor blogged about political diversity among evangelicals.

Brian Russell wrote about a community that takes up its cross would look like.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps blogged about how a proposed constitutional change in Minnesota on gay marriage threatens freedom of speech and how gay adoption advocacy is shutting down Catholic adoption services.

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UPDATE: Brian Russell added.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Gerry Charlotte Phelps added.


Derek said...

C'mon, man! I got a JOB!!!!

Eight Iron said...

John -

Is the "Best of of the Methodist Blogosphere" award history? Or were this week's blog postings not up-to-par?

- Greg

John said...

Greg, I think that Shane Raynor does a better job with Wesley Daily of identifying the BOTMB. If there's something particularly outstanding that Shane misses, I might name BOTMB. In the meantime, Shane's judgment is very good and close to my own.