Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Art Blogging: Titian

Tiziano Vecelli (1480-1576), most commonly known as Titian in English, was the most acclaimed painter of his generation. He was a native of Venice and the greatest artist to emerge from a family of artists. He excelled in all genres of painting: portraiture, religious scenes, allegories, and classical motifs. Titian was a bridge between early Renaissance painting which featured strict anatomical detail delineated by hard lines into the softer figure methods fully developed in Neoclassicism. His use of color was also more subtle and flowing, departing from almost formulaic and procedural application of color seen previously.
This is a portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, was composed in 1548. Titian was so famous that legend holds that when he dropped his brush when painting the Emperor, Charles personally rose and retrieved it from the floor.

This is The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, composed between 1516-1518 at the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice.

Christ Crowned with Thorns (1542) at the Louvre.


Andy B. said...

John, How do you usually post your pictures? Do you use that little "Add Image" icon? And do you ever have trouble actually posting the images?
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John said...

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