Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is Tithing Down?

Have an ATM built in your church.

Hat tip: Mainstream Baptist


James said...

I think passing the plate in church can make non-members uncomfortable. In fact, I don't think collecting money should be a part of the worship service. I'm not saying that our gifts aren't an expression of worship, but I don't think it should take place in worship. I personally like online tithing where users can set it up to automatically be withdrawn from their bank accounts. It may seem a little "Landover Baptistish" but I think it makes more sense and people are willing to give more than collecting whatever spare change people have on them in the pews.

Richard said...

I disagree with James. I don't like the idea of online tithing. I don't think there is a problem with the collection plate because people know that they are not necessarily obligated to give anything if they are unable to. As someone who counts the offering each week after Church, any gift - big or small is welcomed equally.