Monday, August 28, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 80

Here is the week in review in the Methoblogosphere:

Allan R. Bevere wrote Christian persecution of other Christians.

Andy Bryan wrote about pastoral responses to church legal sanctuary (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!) and porn and political power.

Andy Stoddard lectionary blogged for August 22, 23, and 25.

Brian Russell wrote about the orderliness of God's Creation in Genesis and how conceitedness destroys community.

Bruce Alderman wrote about that female Baptist Sunday school teacher who was fired from her position.

Dave Faulkner preached on being tactful like Jesus.

Gavin Richardson wrote about being so good at being a worship leader that one forgets that one is a worship leader. Or something like that.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps wrote that if the West is going to defeat Islam, then it must re-Christianize.

Greg Crofford has figured out why the chicken crossed the road and wrote about living in debt.

Greg Hazelrig wrote about the first commandment and how we break it.

Greg Lee preached on the prophecies in Daniel.

Henry Neufield wrote about labelling Christian groups, Elgin's Consider Christianity, a free book giveaway that he is holding, that Biblical translators should take into account that the Bible is the incarnate Word, but that we worship God, not the Bible.

Chris Roberts wrote that Jesus requires a total commitment from us.

Josh Tinley is waffling on the "Is Y a consonant or a vowel?" debate.

Jan Kindle wrote about the unimportance of possessions.

Lake Neuron reviewed Good Night and Good Luck and Thank You for Not Smoking.

Larry Hollon wrote about humanitarian aid and Middle East wars.

Keith McIlwain handicapped the Emmy awards. He also looked at the career and personality of Bryant Gumbel.

Michael Daniel wrote about secret angels who impact our lives.

Michelle Hargrave wrote about women who prize their careers well into married life.

Jeff Lutz is thinking about becoming a freelance journalist.

Neil Bishop wrote that even though the teachings of Jesus are hard, through the Eucharist, we know that they are sound.

Padre Complex looked at object relations theory in regarding to sourcing theological exploration.

Sandpiper wrote about the use of logic in knowing God, that love is the core characteristic o God, Christian worries, and the role of women in teaching at the church.

Lorna Koskela reviewed the book Under the Unpredictable Parent and why we don't ascend into heaven upon conversion.

Jonathan Marlowe wrote about how the UMC extended clergy rights to women and what it does and what it does not mean to call oneself an evangelical.

Wayne Cook shared a story about handouts at his church.

Tony Mitchell wrote about Christian pacifism.

Wes Whiddon wrote about mainline denominations and American foreign policy.

Scott McKay wrote that we are in the midst of a cosmic struggle between good and evil.

Richard Hall wrote some stuff too, but the server keeps on flaking out on me.

Guy Williams is inviting readers to play fantasy football with him. I wonder if I can use my +4 mithril breastplate in the game. You wouldn't believe how much gp that cost.

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UPDATE: Guy Williams added.


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