Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bible = Hate Speech in Britain

The Daily Mail:

A police force was caught up in a freedom of speech row after its officers arrested an anti-gay campaigner for handing out leaflets at a homosexual rally.

South Wales police admitted evangelical Christian Stephen Green was then charged purely because his pamphlets contained anti-gay quotations from the Bible.

Hat tip: Volokh. I'd like to have a look at the actual pamphlets.


Richard said...

In Britain, where I was born, and elsewhere in Europe, free speech is not taken as aggressively broad as in the United States. If somethings constitutes as purley hatred and defamatory, you can be charged for it, as this gentleman was. Though, before I render whether or not his arrest was just or not, I'd rather see what was printed on the leaflets.

Richard Hall said...

The actual pamphlet (pdf)

John said...

Unless he made direct personal threats or incited violence against homosexuals, there was no moral justification for jailing him.

John said...

Thanks, Richard. That is most illuminating.