Friday, September 15, 2006

The Book of Resolutions (UMC)

Back when Beth Quick was talking about The Book of Resolutions, I really didn't understand. That's because until my current UMC Polity class, I had never seen one before.
On the left is a 1972 Book of Resolutions. On the right is the 2004 edition. I take it that since 1972, the UMC has grown eightfold, thereby necessitating this expansion.


Craig Moore said...

Well, at least something in Methodism is growing.

Keith Taylor said...


That was terrible. LOL.


Joel Thomas said...

Judicial Council decisions used to come at the rate of around 7 per year. Now it is 25. So we are growing there, too!

Elizabeth said...

I should save this picture as 'evidence' for use in my task force ;)

John B said...

A picture's worth a thousand words. I could ramble on about how irrevelant the BoR has become because it tries to address too many different issues, but your picture tells the story.