Sunday, September 03, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 81

Here's the week in review in the Methodist blogosphere:

Allan R. Bevere has a series of posts about what Soren Kierkegaard can teach us about the Church in the postmodern age. Parts one, two, and three.

Andy Bryan wrote about living and working in the midst of Christian kitsch.

Andy Stoddard lectionary blogged for August 29, 30, and 31.

Richard Heyduck wrote about the ways that religions are assimilated into cultures.

Beth Quick reviewed The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren.

Brian Russell wrote about the missional implications of the imago dei as well as a missional reading of the prodigal son.

Bruce Alderman tore into the doctrine of inerrancy like Brian Russell at a pie-eating contest.

Richard Hall listed and described several Swansea-area blogs.

Dave Faulkner wrote that successful churches are places of passion, vision, and motivation. He also preached on traditional fences and boundaries.

Dave Warnock wrote about an upcoming men-only Christian conference.

Steve Heyduck wrote about being a Texas rainmaker and Billy Graham's view of Scripture.

Gavin Richardson wrote about an illegal immigration protest inside a church.

Daniel Hixon-McLain wrote about an evangelicism which embraces the ancient church.

Greg Crofford wrote about Christian reading habits and God as the conductor and arranger of events.

Greg Hazelrig wrote that though the Church is flawed, it is still called to the Great Commission, the love of Christ which never gives up, and other qualities of love.

Guy Williams wrote about James 1:17-18.

Henry Neufield wrote about how conservative Christians respond to gay political candidates, what he means when he says that he is a moderate, what ID advocates mean when they say that God designed the universe, how doctors can adhere to their views of medical ethics, the utility of voting guides, and Red Letter Christians.

Jay Voorhees wrote a letter to a conservative candidate for the town council.

John Battern wrote about the ACLU siding with free religious expression in a lawsuit.

John Wilks lectionary blogged for James 1:17-27.

Chris Kindle went on a mission trip to Nicaragua.

Larry Hollon wrote about statistics and denominational decline and the murder of a UMC pastor in the Philippines.

I, for one, am getting really tired of Mark Winter's happy-go-lucky optimism.

Mark Youngerman is preaching on the Apostles' Creed.

Matt Kelley wrote about growing up in a spiritually serious church.

Matt Johnson wrote about the spirituality of the movie Chariots of Fire.

Keith McIlwain wrote about who looks good and bad a year after Katrina and Bob Dylan's classic album Highway 61 Revisited.

Michael Daniel wrote that critiquing Islam from the Koran is like critiquing Christians from the Bible.

Mike Voigts wrote about why he is fascinated by St. Bernard of Clairvaux.

Nigel Cokes-Woods wrote about his move toward pacifism.

Rick Mang reviewed The New Rebellion Handbook.

Padre Complex wrote about the professionalization of the church.

Jason Woolever wrote about how the ancient church read Revelation and what's he's learned from the death of a young girl in his town.

Todd Bergman wrote about accepting other people's worldviews.

Rereason wrote about Rumsfeld's recent American Legion speech.

Sandpiper wrote about the role of women in the church.

Sally Coleman wrote about the love in 1 Corinthians 13 and the love that we actually live out.

Lorna Koskela wrote about the UMC in Finland having Year of the Child and raising the dead in churches.

Brett Royal wrote about evangelicals and the environment.

Dale Lature wrote about how Christian missionary efforts are often hijacked by political and economic agendas.

Thoughts From a Clay Pot wrote about Catholic hosptials and doctors who refuse to distribute contraception.

Wes Whiddon how many of us would deny Christ if a gun was to our heads. He also wrote about how he tries to fit science and religion together.

Scott McKay preached on understanding and misunderstanding giving.

Tony Mitchell wrote about how a liberal arts education (which should include the physical sciences) effects our Christian worldview.

Kevin Baker wrote about a burned out Christian grappling with public vs. private truths.

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Mark Winter said...

One of the scientists on the 20/20 special last week explained that we won't have to witness the horror of a killer asteroid plummeting through earth's atmosphere. He said the heat and light coming off such an object would be so intense that we'd be fried in an instant.

If that doesn't give you cause for optimism, John, then I'm afraid you're just an incurable ol' sourpuss.

Michael said...

Once again, John, thank you so much for this ministry. There is some great stuff here this week!