Friday, September 22, 2006

Question of the Day

How often should the Eucharist be served at churches?


Greg Hazelrig said...

I'm caught between every Sunday and once a month. I believe it's important enough to do every Sunday, but at the same time I don't want it to be like the Apostles Creed where (in my opinion) a very sacred set of beliefs has gotten to be just another thing we do.

My two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

We should celebrate every Sunday. There was really no good reason for th Zwinglian wing of the Protestant Reformation to reject the every Sunday practice, since had been the norm for sixteen centuries.

There are those who say if it is done to often, then it will take on less meaning. I think a case can be made that those church traditions that commune the least appreciate it the least.

Have I worked toward instituting weekly communion in the church I serve? No. Here is one place where I am not practicing what I preach.

revabi said...

I think Wesley said as often as possible. But I think church members aren't up for that and prefer the once a month or quarterly. I like the every week think if possible.

Rev. C. S. Roberts said...

Said Father Wesley, "constantly."

Michael said...

As often as we gather. Is this not why we gather in the first place?

DannyG said...

Another question to be asked is if you are serving at general services vs specalized services. We do monthly communion, but at specalized services (e.g. monthly healing service, etc) communion is also served. One can receive communion weekly, or close to it, if one can make the schedule line up.

JD said...

Coming from the Catholic background into Methodism, I believe every time there is a service, Eucharist should be offered...I'm just sayin'!

I realize that the Eucharist is not the main focus of the service, as in the Catholic Mass, but the rememberence each time we are at service is important.