Friday, September 01, 2006

Question(s) of the Day

How would you guide a church member who is having an affair?

How about a church lay staffer?

A colleague in the ordained ministry?


Sally said...

Pray and listen, listen and pray.... challenge under the guidance of the Holy Sirit... and always keep in mind- there but for the grace of God go I!

bob said...

Sally, Most of your advice is sound. Why muddy it up by making it sound like an affair is something people just stumble into?

Steve Heyduck said...

I think Sally's right on, actually.

No, wait; I forgot, affairs are something that only happen to other people!

Lorna said...

by the grace of God it could be you, or me, or Sally or Bob or Steve ...

we don't just stumble into adultery of course, but we do need someone lovingly to haul us out of it. All too often we think we can avoid this kind of thing by sheer will power - but that's a lie - we need Jesus, and loving friends to keep us accountable.

the way you guide anyone (assuming they let you close) is exactly the same way - with love, firmness and wisdom that only comes from God.

Someone caught up in an affair is desperately unhappy at some level, and if it's the case of pre-maritial sex, quite possibly afraid of commitment.