Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Rabbit Habit

Christianity Today has an article about the lapine lifestyle:

Few have had the thrill of watching a bunny do the binky—a supreme tribute from rabbits to their creator, as if to shout, with their whole bodies, "God, life is good!" Have you ever witnessed this spur-of-the-moment dance, in which rabbits leap up, spin in mid-air, and land facing the opposite direction—sometimes several times in a row? And how many of us have received the soft little kisses with which these affectionate and social creatures are happy to groom, comfort, and even, if necessary (as is often in my case), wake up their human companions?

Frith be praised! Thanks to Robin Russell for the pointer.


codepoke said...

The binky is hilarious. It is a truly beautiful thing.

The article is the work of an insane person, but the binky is undeniably cute.


My family's last rabbit decided that the natural gas line running to the stove would be a good thing to chew through.

No kidding.

He chewed through it, and it flash-burnt the hair off his cute, little bunny head. You cannot imagine how sorry I never felt for him. Blowtorch blew itself out, thank you Lord, and merely proceeded to fill the house with natural gas. My daughter came home and was almost knocked off her feet when she opened the door.

Fortunately, the neighbor was home, and he handled the situation until I could get there.

So, what am I doing about zombies? Sending them rabbits.

John said...

Inlehain once took care of two keyboard cables in two minutes flat.

They've gotten a lot better about cables. But they still chew on the carpet.