Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Important qualities

My congregation has just hired a new secretary and custodian, and only four months ago hired a new financial secretary. I think they will all work out really well, but I am curious about two questions:
1) What kind of turnover is "typical" in office staff?
2) What qualities make someone a good church secretary?

Appreciate your comments!


John B said...

With 8+ years in at my present appointment, we're on our third secretary & third custodian.

Quality of a secretary in no particular order:

Able to keep confidence
Takes intiative
Good editing skills
Deals well with difficult people (yes, there are difficult people in the church)
Good time management skills
Able to run interference for other staff (I don't need to talk to every person who calls asking for me)
Works with little supervision

christopher said...

Church secretary: ability to honor confidentiality is necessary trait #1.

DannyG said...

By observation: Our membership secretary has been there since 1972. Yes, she knows EVERYONE by name, by history, knows often 3 or 4 generations of a given family, knows the church history. Our regular secretary has been there for 4 or 5 years.