Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lego Cthulhu

Rather clever.

Okay, I got nothing. My brain is fried from 6 straight hours of Oden followed by 6 straight hours of Wesley.

Hat tip: Garfield Ridge


Jason Woolever said...

hey John,
I really have never read Oden. What is your take on him? Does he have something unique to offer? If so, what?

John said...

I'm reading his systematic theology. It's good; comprehensive with exhaustive documentation.

Sometimes I think that he overstates ecumenical consensus. Like when he might cite both Menno Simmons and John Calvin to support a point, even though Simmons and Calvin are likely to think of each other as heretics. And his attempt to build a consensus Mariology is waaaaaay too Catholic for me to subscribe to.

But overall, I guess that it's fine. It's given me lots of thinks to consider exploring, like angelology.