Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life in Hell

Jack Handey of Deep Thoughts fame reports in after his first day in Hell:

It’s odd, but Hell can be a lonely place, even with so many people around. They all seem caught up in their own little worlds, running to and fro, wailing and tearing at their hair. You try to make conversation, but you can tell they’re not listening.

A malaise set in within a couple hours of my arriving. I thought getting a job might help. It turns out I have a lot of relatives in Hell, and, using connections, I became the assistant to a demon who pulls people’s teeth out. It wasn’t actually a job, more of an internship. But I was eager. And at first it was kind of interesting. After a while, though, you start asking yourself: Is this what I came to Hell for, to hand different kinds of pliers to a demon? I started wondering if I should even have come to Hell at all. Maybe I should have lived my life differently, and gone to Heaven instead.

And if you're into serious, heady theology, I suggest that you check out Jason Woolever. He's written about how the Early Church Fathers described Hell. Jason is a blogger to watch -- he's going places.


Lorna said...

he's going places ... ah but which one?

John Meunier said...

Jack Handy's joke reminds me of a book I was reading last night about drug addiction.

Addicts become shut up in their own world, totally cut off from their emotions and unable to form any bond of trust with others. They live in their own world of obsessive need for more of the chemicals to which they are addicted.

Sounds like Jack Handy's version of Hell, but right here on Earth.

JD said...

So true, yet so very funny. Thanks for sharing.