Sunday, October 08, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 86

Here's the week in review in the Methoblogosphere:

Allen Grant told a story about stewardship.

Christopher Gudger-Raines is preparing for his first funeral.

Andy Bryan wrote about how Christian and Wesleyan ethics informs us on the War on Terrorism.

Art Ruch reviewed the book A History of the Blues.

Bad Methodist wrote that a marriage amendment resolution in Arizona violates the US Constitution.

Richard Heyduck wrote about John Wesley and Total Depravity. He also wrote about how our society views sin, both causes and wages.

Brad Smith preached on the faith of children.

Brian Russell wrote about what we can learn from the response of Nicodemus to the teachings of Jesus and what constitutes life success.

Bruce Alderman wrote that Jesus requires not our faith, but our trust.

Richard Hall looked at the best and worst of funeral music.

Joel Thomas looked at the relative value of democracy in the UMC (Best of the Methoblogosphere!). He also visited the Church of the Resurrection and gave his assessment of it.

Josh Tinley also visited the Church of the Resurrection and gave his assessment of it. He also wrote about the old Negro Leagues of baseball.

Dave Faulkner preached on divorce.

Dave Warnock wrote about theological priorities among conservatives. He also wrote about preaching in anger and the new version of Ubuntu.

Decaffeinated Owl wrote what Calvin and Wesley had to say about the purposes of Biblical law.

Sally Coleman preached on the sovereignty of God in the midst of adversity.

Matt Friedeman wrote about when we have the form of religion without the power behind it.

Steve Heyduck compared safety of rock climbing with trust in God to carry us.

Andrew Thompson wrote about the most important Generation X movies.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps wrote that gay men are 14 times more likely to molest children than straight men. She also wrote that God loves homosexuals.

Daniel McLain Hixon wrote about the revival of Calvinism.

Greg Hazelrig wrote about how Jesus responded to lepers and how we do.

Greg Lee wrote about the Tribulation in the Book of Revelation.

Guy Williams is now giving mid-week reports on college football.

Henry Neufield wrote about a faith founded on secondary sources (Best of the Methoblogosphere!), how critical gender roles are as an article of faith, and centralized authority in the UMC.

Jay Voorhees wrote about how the GOP leadership is responding to the Foley scandal, the amount of political blogging that he's been doing, the Church of the Resurrection conference, how the UMC has dropped the parish model of church geography, and rethinking United Methodism.

John Battern wrote about how we should respond theologically to school shootings and the moral nature of Fred Phelps.

Larry Hollon wrote about how the Social Principles are lived out by a UMC congregation that Garrison Keillor visited recently, when journalists witness death, and how the Amish grieve.

Mitchell Lewis wrote about Christian love in marriage.

Matt Kelley wrote that it's okay not to like someone so as long as you love them.

KeithMcIlwain wrote about Left and Right Methodists (Best of the Methoblogosphere!) and assessed the work of FoxNews.

Methodist Corner wrote about the relationship between revelation and reason.

Craig Moore has embraced the challenge of post-modernism, but not post-modernism itself.

Michael Daniel wrote about the growing role of government in American society.

Michelle Hargrave wrote about clergy/parishioner sexual boundaries.

Mike Voigts wrote about the Apostolic responsibilities of the Church.

Nate Loucks wrote about criticism of Granger Community Church.

Rick Mang wrote about the barbershop experience and ministering to adulterous men.

Rereason wrote about the legitimacy of the war in Afghanistan and the unimportance of the Foley scandal.

Theresa Coleman wrote about William James and the psychology of religion.

Richard Johnson wargamed a potential Lieberman victory.

Sandpiper wrote that what makes the Judeo-Christian God unique is that he is approachable, enforcing church discipleship, and calling God more than 'Father'.

Lorna Koskela wrote about the Eucharistic community.

Smallest Angel wrote about the grace of the Amish.

Steven Webster wrote about Republican gay bashing.

Kurt Boemler wrote about the difficulty of adhering to UMC child safety policies while holding ecumenical events. He also wrote about being called "Reverend".

Brett Royal wrote about the Oklahoma-Texas game. Presumably he means football or curling, though I can't tell which.

Dale Lature wrote about how the Church can take advantage of emerging technologies and the new Bob Woodward book about the war in Iraq.

Tony Mitchell preached on dealing with inexplicable suffering in this life.

Wes Whiddon singing about the Virgin Mary as a Methodist.

Jim McKay compared the war in Iraq to mixing bleach and ammonia.

Shane Raynor reviewed the book Inside the Organic Church.

Scott McKay wrote about giving generously and the difference between entertainment and reality.

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UPDATE: Mislinked post of Larry Hollon's fixed. Another link added to Kurt Boemler's list.


Lorna said...

thanks for visiting. Your comment intrigued me - does it mean that you want to use a lot of water in baptism then (grin)

John said...

I think that Wesley said something about not holding back with the generous use of water in baptism.

Michael said...


Thank you again for this ministry. It is very much appreciated. There is loads of good stuff out there!

Oloryn said...

The link to Larry Hollon's Keillor post is wrong - it points to Josh Kinley's Buck O'Neill post.

John said...

Thanks, Orolyn. Fixed now.

Oloryn said...

Um, that's 'Oloryn'. Think "Gandalf's name in the 'West', with a 'y' substituted for the 'i'.