Sunday, October 15, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 87

Here's the week in review in the Methoblogosphere:

Abi Carlisle-Wilke wrote about the Wesleyan view of the sovereignty of God, domestic violence awareness, and breast cancer awareness.

Allen R. Bevere wrote that living a life of forgiveness means living out of control.

Andy Bryan wrote about a school of ethics which encourages increasingly lower standards of ethical behavior.

Andy Stoddard lectionary blogged for October 9, 10, 11, and 12. He also wrote about the long "dark night of the soul" in encountering God.

Art Ruch looked at the past week in college football.

Barbara Lindgren wrote about the importance of naming problems.

Beth Quick wrote about The Book of Resolutions.

Brad Smith preached on money.

Brian Russell wrote about how Jesus brokedown barriers between the woman at the well and redemption. He also wrote about how the struggles of people are not completed on their strength alone.

Joel Betow wrote about sexism in the Methoblogosphere and how Biblical inerrancy relates to orthodoxy.

Richard Hall wrote about American consumption of world natural resources.

Josh Tinley reviewed a book about the history of apocalytic predictions.

Dave Faulkner wrote about the idea that a minister is a 'professional Christian'. He also preached on Christian wealth.

Dean Libby wrote about the importance of getting church visitors to experience something that will wow them.

Richard Rosenberger looked at the possibility of a gender-inclusive Trinity from a Methodist perspective (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Taylor Burton-Edwards wrote about intercessory prayer.

Mark Friedeman wrote, in reference to the Mark Foley scandal, that Republicans should expect to be judged by a higher moral standard.

Steve Heyduck wrote that people put labels on everyone else, but God's only label is "mine".

Gavin Richardson plugged at UMC youth ministry survey.

Andrew Thompson wrote about churches being ready to welcome first-time visitors.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps wrote about how small churches can do large-scale evangelism and North Korea's nuclear test, as well as the possibility of a military solution to that problem.

Greg Hazelrig wrote about encouraging each other in faith and what sin is.

Greg Lee preached on applying ourselves as Christians.

Guy Williams provided mid-weekly and weekly updates in college football.

Holy Pirate applied the canons of the Second Council of Nicaea to the UMC to humorous effect (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Jay Voorhees wrote that the war against terrorism is a misnomer.

John Battern wrote about liberal theology.

Ken Carter preached on how Christians compete with each other.

Jan Kindle wrote about rapture theology.

Larry Hollon wrote about the international problem of child soldiers and the need for agricultural reform in Africa.

Methodist Corner is rethinking gender-inclusive theological language.

Michael Daniel wonders if a PPR committee should be able to formally state their expectations to a newly appointed pastor and what it would have been like if Fred Phelps' gang had protested the Amish funerals. He also preached on how the Amish responded to their attacker.

Michelle Hargrave wrote about the value of The Boy Scout Handbook.

Mike Voigts wrote about the difference between animal people, spiritual people, and rational people (a paradigm that he has learned of).

Mitchell Lewis wrote that despite the Amish community's response to violence, it merits substantial critique as well (Best of the Methoblogosphere!). He also preached on giving to the poor.

Neil Bishop wrote about why Jesus loves little children: because of their lowly status.

Russ Phillips is skeptical of the UMC's "State of the Church" survey.

Jason Woolever assessed Brian McLaren and wrote about worshipping the Bible. He also read Friedman's The World is Flat and wrote about the future of the UMC in relation to it.

ReligioNews blames lax ethical standards at church for teen contempt for the institution.

Richard Johnson disapproves of the death penalty, but he does approve of the political move Dave.

Sandpiper wrote that the most decisive facet of church life is prayer, that no matter what else a church may accomplish, without God, it is incomplete, about being angry at God, the experience of Jesus in his hometown.

Lorna Koskela wrote that when we don't pray, we erect a barrier between ourselves and God.
Sky Lowe-McCracken wrote about the future of mainline denominations.

Stephen Fife wrote about the UMerging Conference.

Brett Royal wrote about the appropriateness of humor in devotional life, specifically, in reference to C.S. Lewis.

Tony Mitchell preached on seeker sensitivity and applied the idea theologically.

Jim McKay compared Bush's 2000 campaign promises on military intervention with the war in Iraq.

Shane Raynor wrote about what he sees as the ecclesiological advantage of the UMC.

Scott McKay wrote that if we aren't marvelled by God anymore, we've jumped the shark.

Jonathon Norman wrote about his call to be sent into mission in the postmodern age.

Dave Warnock wrote about recumbent trikes, the book Captivating, and the importance of not letting theology get in the way of ministry.

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Thanks for doing this as always. :)

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As usual, great job with your roundup. It is a huge help to me.

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cseminarian writes about the gospel genre

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