Sunday, October 22, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 88

Here's the week in review in the Methoblogosphere:

Abi Carlisle-Wilkes wrote about theological jargon.

Allan R. Bevere has a low opinion of both parties as a result of the Mark Foley scandal and the process of forming orthodoxy in the Early Church.

Andy Bryan wrote of how the church is often a place of workloads for the laity, not Sabbaths (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Andy Stoddard lectionary blogged for October 16, 17, and 19.

Richard Heyduck wrote about the differences between Sunnis and Shiites and that you don't have to be a pastor under appointment to be a minister.

Beth Quick, who serves on the General Board on Church and Society, attended its Fall meeting.

Brad Smith preached on selfishness.

Brian Russell wrote about God's faithfulness in the birth of Jacob and Esau and why Esau so willingly sold his birthright.

Bruce Alderman wrote that we shouldn't read the Bible in isolation, bu in community.

Richard Hall wrote about the uncertainty principle of Biblical interpretation.

Dave Faulkner preached on lust for power and fame.

Dean Libby wrote about poor customer service at church.

Steve Heyduck wrote about being open to change.

Gavin Richardson wrote about teenagers serving on church governing committees.

Andrew Thompson wondered if modern American Christians are living to the standard of commitment that Christ demanded of the rich young ruler.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps wrote that we have to be extremists about evangelism.

Daniel McLain-Hixon wrote that successful evangelism has to capture people's imaginations.

Guy Williams rounded up the week in college football and wrote about people taking responsibility for their immoral behavior (or not).

Henry Neufeld wrote about living out "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors".

Holy Pirate examined the nature of online relationships in the context of Asbury's distance learning program andkeeping control of church keys.

Jay Voorhees wrote about the pastoral task of telling people that a loved one has died and the process that Episcopalians are engaging in to elect a new Bishop for Tennessee.

John Battern wrote about pastors staying in touch with their local communities and the general differences between liberal and conservative theological slants.

Jonathon Norman wrote about a postmodern Wesley.

Just As I Am taught on the reliability of God's promises.

Kevin Baker wrote that busyness is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At Kindlings, Chris has discerned a Brady Bunch ecclesiology and Jan wrote about following God's recipe for a spiritual life carefully.

Lake Neuron wrote about an obscure film actor named Paryakarkus.

Larry Hollon wrote about a potential religious civil war in Ethiopia and paradigm shifts across the world.

Michael Daniel wrote about arming school teachers, liberal political ideology, and what the Bible says about false religions in reference to the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Mitchell Lewis thinks that the General Board on Church and Society is contradicting itself.

Jason Woolever pondered the nature of Hell and Bill Hybel's philosophy of church volunteering.

ReligioNews wrote about British Airways suspending an employee for wearing a cross.

Richard Johnson wrote about third party candidates in a congressional race and the Eucharistic doctrines of transubstantiation and consubstantiation.

Sandpiper wrote that in the Church, there is no 'they', but only 'we', the difficulty of asking for forgiveness, and the humanity of Jesus as a child.

Lorna Koskela wrote about teenagers serving in church leadership and building a church that is organically transformative.

Sky Lowe-McCracken compared the UMC to a beat-up, old '65 Ford Mustang (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Smallest Angel is depressed about Ohio Northern University's football team.

Dale Lature wrote about how blogging and similar media permit people to make connections that they otherwise wouldn't, with people that they often completely disagree with.

Tim Sisk has been seduced by the dark side and has purchased a Mac.

Tony Mitchell preached about our human desire for power and fame.

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Dr. Tony said...

You have done your usual good work with the roundup. It is a challenge, I know, with your workload.

You might want to check the link you have in your comment's about Alan Bevere. You have it going to Abi's blog.

Anonymous said...

The Henry Neufeld link is also wrong.

Anonymous said...


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