Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zombie Evangelism

Weekend Fisher:

If I were to start an evangelism campaign among the children of the Age of Apathy, I think I might start with the zombies. They are the personifications of the apathetic age.

Hat tip to Kevin Knox


Anonymous said...

Modernist thinking in a world of post-modernity.

I would not mistake disillusionment with apathy. People have seen the church and the church has failed on so many levels: war, poverty, greed, etc. People are not apathetic towards the church, they are upset with the church.

John Meunier said...

It is possible they are both.

Dale Tedder said...

I think I've preached to a couple of those people (I mean, zombies) before.

Is there some subculture of zombie aficionados that I'm not aware of? They seem to appear on your blog fairly frequently.

Suggestion: Don't wear your "I Love Zombies" T-shirt when you appear before the BOOM.

John said...

It's part of my schtick. Like the rabbit thing.

Dale Tedder said...

Schtick is important in the world of blogging, I've discovered. Zombies seem to be a good schtick as they fit nicely into several categories of metaphors...like the Board of Ordained Ministry (with an important exception, of course).