Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zombies Tend to Vote for Democrats

Jonathan Adler:

An analysis of state-wide records by the Poughkeepsie Journal reveals that 77,000 dead people remain on election rolls in New York State, and some 2,600 may have managed to vote after they had died. The study also found that Democrats are more successful at voting after death than Republicans, by a margin of four-to-one, largely because so many dead people seem to vote in Democrat-dominated New York City.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds. The loss of upper brain functions in zombies, the lack of coherent communication other than groans -- it all kinda makes sense.


Jeff the Baptist said...

But what about all the dead people who vote in Chicago?

jockeystreet said...


The Thief said...

I, too, having lived in Chicago, was going to comment on the "living dead" who vote there... but they, too, have always voted Democrat.

John said...

Given how much the dead can swing an election (like the 1960 Presidential race), candidates would be wise to court their votes more openly.

What sort of campaign promises do you think that zombies would seek to extract from candidates?