Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Art Blogging: Elihu Vedder

Elihu Vedder (1836-1923) was an American Symbolist painter and illustrator. He studied in Paris under Picot. After settling in Rome, he was influenced by Italian Renaissance work, a group of Italian landscapists known as the Macchiaioli, and the Barbizon school. He became a commercial success after illustrating an edition of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Symbolist art was a late 19th and early 20th Century artistic and literary movement which rejected Realism as stifling and insufficient for conveying spiritual and mystical truth.

The Cup of Death (1885) at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Memory (1870) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Old Well, Bordighera (1889).


Hypatia 370 said...

I love that you feature different movements and artists in between the ever-intelligent but often mind-bending dialog. (a good thing).

Fans of the Symbolist movement can enjoy more at the wonderful and

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