Tuesday, November 07, 2006

DCOM Questions for Certification of Candidates for the Ordained Ministry

About a year ago, I asked readers what they thought that candidates for the ordained ministry should be asked when seeking certification from their District Committees on the Ordained Ministry.

In reflection, I think that DCOMs should make these inquiries:

1. Describe your personal, daily devotional life.

2. Describe your exercise routine.

We've seen the dangers that befall pastors when they don't take care of themselves, spiritually or physically. Perhaps the issue of self-care should figure into the candidacy process in order to encourage healthy lifestyles -- at least as much as is possible during the hustle and bustle of this phase of ministry.


Lorna said...

do you think any of us would answer really honestly? I think we are often delusional about both our spiritual health and our physical situation too. We'll diet tomrrow - we'll read more of the Word and pray harder tomorrow ouch!

see-through faith said...
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John said...

The questions posed are not about the state of our spiritual and physical health, but our actions to provide us with spiritual and physical health. I would not (necessarily) ask a candidate "How is it with your soul?" I would ask about the devotional practices of the candidate. I would not ask a candidate about the state of his/her physical health -- that is what the medical check is for. I would ask about the physical practices to ensure good health.

Anonymous said...

Unlike spiritual health questions, it's pretty easy to take a look at the DCOM and say "You first, tubby."

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