Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Has the Methoblogosphere Fallen Off a Theological Cliff?

Jason Woolever has concerns.


Jay said...

At the risk of stirring up more stuff than I really need to, I do have to say that the title of this post really doesn't reflect Jason's post, nor his desire to pull back. Yes, he was feeling that some of the folks on the site were more liberal than he, and that is probably correct, although by no means is that the overwhelming majority. But his reasons for withdrawing (as communicated to me) were as much based in personal need as concern with theological unorthodoxy.

The "methoblogosphere" has never been unified theologically, and if our site is representative of a broad spectrum of United Methodists, it never will be. If that is a problem then we will probably ultimately fail in any goals we have in facilitating conversation.

gavin richardson said...

maybe we were predestined to fall of the cliff?

Jason Woolever said...

gavin richardson gets the lifetime achievement award for always having an off-the-wall attitude and making me crack up at strange times.