Monday, November 06, 2006

Where Did Shane Raynor Go?

Reader Jody Leavell e-mailed me and let me know that Wesley Blog had disappeared. Shortly afterwards, I received this e-mail from Shane Raynor:


You may be wondering what happened to Wesley Blog. When I came back from hiatus a few weeks ago, I intended to post once or twice a week. As you know, that hasn't happened. The strange thing is, as soon as I started writing again, ministry opportunities with youth started happening everywhere. The fruits of four years of youth ministry at my church have started showing up in a big way, and I've been taking advantage of the current window of opportunity to expand the kingdom. Unfortunately, my writing has taken a position on the very back burner, but sometimes that's how God works. To make things even more interesting, I had an old e-mail address listed as the contact for my domain registrar and I accidentally let expire. Some ad company/cybersquatter wasted no time taking the domain, so I'd likely have to pay more than I want to continue the blog under that name. So I took this as a small sign from God that my focus should be elsewhere at the moment. I do want to write more from time to time, but if I start blogging again, I'll probably rework the whole concept and title. If you could relay this in some form to the Methoblogosphere, I'd appreciate it. My contact e-mail is now [editor: shane at parkerlane dot org]

As for the blogroll, I need to update it, then I'll be handing it over to you or someone else who might want to maintain it. Just let me know.


To say the least, he'll be missed.

UPDATE: Shane's e-mail has been changed to protect him from spambots. Further thoughts from Gavin Richardson.


Brett said...

This is sad. When I started my blog, Shane was definitely a model for me.

TN Rambler said...

Sad for us and glad for Shane and the fruits of his ministry.

gavin richardson said...

yeah for shane, i am glad that he is feeling God's movements with his ministry with youth. that is awesome. sad he's not around blogging as much, he'll be missed, from that, but he is not dead or anything

gavin richardson said...
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gavin richardson said...

two other things, 1. change his email on the blog to read shane(at)parkerlane.. that way spammers don't pick on the poor guy.

2. people can still check out at the blog at

j2 said...

John, thanks for checking on this.

Shane, wow, you will be missed but like others have said, I'm glad for the opportunity you now have. Thanks for your guidance and encouragement through your blog, it has been a source of strength for me on really down days.

Keith Taylor said...

Shane's WesleyBlog was the very first Blog of any form or fashion that I stumbled up, quite by accident. I wouldn't be reading any of the Blogs that I comment on if it were not for his original ministry. I will surely miss it.

It sure looks like John will have to carry the torch of Raynorism for now. LOL.

Jason Woolever said...

i started blogging largely because of shane's work on the wesleyblog. i'll miss his stuff, but am thankful for his contribution to the kingdom.

Andrew C. Thompson said...

Shane was my entree in the blogosphere, like so many others. But like Obi-Wan, now that he is gone he will become more powerful than we could ever imagine. May the spirit of Wesley Blog be with you ... always.

Anonymous said...

Shane is like a mentor to many of us. Now I guess it is time for us to continue on until we, like Shane, are called elsewhere.

I only hope that he makes guest appearances now and then on other people's blogs.