Friday, December 08, 2006

Jeeves and W.

A good political humorist can make even his ideological opponents laugh. So this item from The New Yorker is pretty good:

I was lying in bed after a rather depressing night, listening to the birds twitter in the trees, when Jeeves shimmered into the room.

“What ho, Jeeves.”

“Good morning, sir.”

“What’s all this I hear about your heading up some Iraq Study Group? Have you been talking to my father again?”

“Might I suggest the blue suit today? Something about this November suggests blue.”

Sometimes Jeeves can be evasive, which is when I apply the old iron hand that we W.s are known for.

“Now, see here, Jeeves, I can handle this Iraq business myself.”

“Yes, sir. But, if I may, there does seem to be something of a clamor for an exit strategy.”

“Dash it, Jeeves, the only exit strategy is victory.”

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