Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Locusts & Honey Auto Theft Protection Device

Jeff's wife's car was stolen while he was out of town. He's thinking about taking precautions against this event:

It's also time see if BJs carries the Club. And I need to buy defensive ammo. My stock of 55 grain 5.56 should work in the AR, but I want some hollowpoints for the Hipower and 1911. I'm thinking 185 grain or 230 grain JHPs in .45 and 147 grain JHPs in 9mm. I haven't researched the subject in a few years, so I need to look into good cost-effective ammo.

This is what I use:

It's a heavy chain with two padlocks wrapped around the center spoke of the steering wheel and the brake pedal, with the wheel turned all the way in one direction.

Because of a design flaw, it's quite easy to steal my car. But now it can't be stolen without the thief bringing along a large set of bolt cutters. If not, the car can still be broken into and driven, but it can't be stopped and will only drive in a circle. This device encourages a potential car thief to find easier prey.


Anonymous said...

Dude... that's some serious hardware. Somehow I doubt you'd need that if you were in Wilmore.... ;-)

John said...

I wouldn't take any chances. The car was last stolen when I got lazy and left it unchained in front of my apartment.