Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I am presently on Beth Quick's laptop at the Internet Is Our Parish section of the Congress of Evangelism conference at Myrtle Beach, SC. Also present are Abi Carlisle-Wilkes, Gavin Richardson, Jonathon Norman, Theresa Coleman, DogBlogger, and Jay Voorhees. I can't link (or write much) because the Internet connection is appallingly slow. But head over to their sites and the MethoBlog for pictures and such.

It is so truly cool to encounter so many people that I have befriended over the Internet in the past two years in person!


Anonymous said...

John -

I hope you all are having a fruitful time together. Wish I could be there to take part in the discussions. I look forward to reading about how the Bloggers' gathering goes.

Anonymous said...

WAY COOL! Have a great time!

Jean said...

Come down the street and visit our Mouse Pad at First UMC, Myrtle Beach for high speed Internet.

Jean Osborne - Minister of Education

Pilgrim's Perspective at

Anonymous said...

"Come down the street... for high speed Internet."

hmmmm.... john that sounds like a rondezvous to me.

frank assbury

Anonymous said...

What a party!
Have fun, y'all.