Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pop Art Blogging: Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana (1928- ) is an American Pop artist. Born as Robert Clark, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Edinburgh College of Art. He developed a fascination with Americana, particularly signs and called himself a mere "sign painter". Indiana believes that the legacy of Pop Art is that it is available to the masses, not reserved to the elites of technical skill. In an interview:

Q: Is Pop Art easy art?
A: Yes, as opposed to one eminent critic's dictum that great art must necessarily be difficult art. Pop is instant art.

LOVE (1964) at LOVE Park in Philadelphia -- one of the dominant icons of Pop Art.

South Bend (1978) at the National Gallery of Art. Indiana has devoted much of his life to the creation of prints reflecting the text, numbers, symbols, and shapes of roadside signs, representing the Midwest that he grew up in.

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