Monday, January 01, 2007

Standing Up to the Christian-Industrial Complex

Michael Spencer:

Get yourself and your families out of this mess. Look at what’s happening and say NO to it. Pastors: Talk to your people about books worth reading. Get your sermons from the Bible, not some marketer. Critique the fads. Most of all, present the savior and the call to follow him. Tell Lifeway to take their next marketing ploy to the shredder. Resist the remaking of the Christian faith into buying stuff, wearing stuff, going to stuff, doing programs and spending money. Remake your Christian experience this year into something that’s not just another fad. Get angry if you need to, or just quietly say “I’m not part of this anymore.” Get off the train and walk. Wave at the sheep on their way to the next sheep convention to get a sheep shirt and a bag of sheep books.

My thoughts on the subject are here.

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Anonymous said...

Yes!!! The best books I've read lately were by William Barclay and Albert Outler. Both used, both very inexpensive since these men are not "in vogue" now. Barclay's spiritual autobiography really speaks to me in my Christian walk. Outler's book on Wesleyan theology is also a keeper.