Friday, January 26, 2007

What is Candler Like?

I go to Asbury, so I don't know what Candler is like. But Dale Tedder starts out his post on Paul Tillich like this:

When I attended seminary at Candler School of Feminist Anthropology


Anonymous said...

I think of it as the "Gay Mecca of Methodism" personally.
(I can't believe I actually said that...)

(who will NOT sign her real or imagined name so that google will not pick it up.... for she has NOT graduated yet.)

MethoDeist said...

Interesting. It seems to me that Paul Tillich appeals to those that like modern and abstract theology.

Those that look down on Tillich tend to be oriented towards a very traditional and defined theology.

I of course completely disagree with the view that one would rather have a Richard Dawkins than a Tillich. Dawkins is an Atheistic fundamentalist who like all (and that means all belief systems) fundamentalists is authoritarian and would like to force their beliefs on others.

For we modernists and abstractists (made some new words there) the traditional Christian belief system falls short of allowing us to develop a relationship with God that we seek so we are inspired by the Tillichs of the world.

However, the real question should be is Tillich a Christian? My answer would be No and I understand that traditional Christians do not like his theology and feel that it has brought problems to the Christian movement.

Lance said...

There are plenty of frustrating things about Candler, but there are plenty of great things, too.

the reverend mommy said...

Hey Lance! two things:
1) are you currently a student?
2) If so then, I wonder if I know you? If you are Lance #1, we debated vigorously on Thursday while I was eating a sub and you were studying Bonhoeffer, if Lance #2, I've seen you around.