Friday, February 16, 2007

Blogging Etiquette

Andy Bryan had a particularly nasty string of comments recently and is thinking about how to respond:

So, what do you think? Should bloggers respond to anonymous or name-only comments? Or should bloggers limit the back-and-forth commenting to either people we know or who have a blog of their own?

I don't think that we should limit our conversation to other bloggers. That only limits the medium and discourages people from blogging themselves. But I don't respond to anonymous comments because I think that we should all be held accountable for our words. This doesn't necessarily mean requiring comment registration, but I do want to see a name in name field of a comment, such as those of frequent commentors Keith Taylor, Tom Ream, or Dark Gable.


revabi said...

I like the back and forth, but I don't like the nasty stuff we get enough of that in the world.

I got an anonymous comment recently, that I realized the person needed to protect themselves, but then I wanted to dialogue with them, and could not.

bob said...

John, I'm not a blogger but I frequent several. Part of what keeps me coming back is being able to respond and be responded to.

I would never consider anonymously commenting I want credit for my ideas and would never say something I'm ashamed of.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for clarifying what is meant by "anonymous" comments (both here and at Andy's site). FWIW, I think it is cowardly to opine and not leave a name (real or pseudonym). The same manners one would expect face to face , should be the same manners when participating on someone's blog.

Dark Gable