Friday, March 16, 2007

Art Blogging: Jean Dunand

Jean Dunand (1887-1947) was a Swiss Art Deco sculptor and designer. He studied at the Ecole des Arts Industriels in Geneva before moving to Paris to design interior furnishings. Dunand excelled in creating works in bronze and lacquer. He is best known for dark colors and simple geometric forms. Dunand studied lacquerwork under Japanese master Seizo Sugawara and introduced that medium to the European scene.

Battle of the Angels (lacquer on wood, 1925-26, at the Met). Pieces of egg shell, mother-of-pearl and gold leaf are embedded in the may layers of lacquer, creating a richly textured surface.

Panel (lacquer on wood, 1928-1930, at the Met).

Fire Screen (lacquer on wood, 1929, at the Gallerie Jacques De Vos).

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