Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Art Blogging: Jockeystreet

Jockeystreet (brother to Beth Quick), has a piece of artwork up on his blog. It is a composite of thousands of squiggly lines arranged in apparent random fashion. I do not know what movement to which he self-identifies, but I would class this work as Abstract Expressionism, in the manner of Jackson Pollock. Honestly, I don't really get Modern Art. Perhaps Jockeystreet can explain for us the meaning of this composition.


jockeystreet said...

Lest anyone roll their eyes or scold me too harshly, I direct them to the built in disclaimer,

"It's not true. Not always. I've got lots of bright conservative friends. I know there's some fairly bright conservatives blogging. But that line really expresses a frustration I have with what seems to be the majority in the whole modern conservative movement."

John said...

You've always struck me as fair-minded.