Friday, March 23, 2007

The Good Stuff - A Bit Farther Back

I listed music videos from some of my youth in the previous post, and some of you objected to my suggestion that these were classic works from the past:

Willie Deuel:

That's the music of your youth?!? Dang I'm getting old.


Ditto Will. Gee. I did NOT need a reminder today of just how old I'm getting...thanks a heap, John.

Okay, we can go back in time a bit more to celebrate the music of their youth, and other readers:

Willie Deuel and Theresa Coleman have done their own compliations.


Vicki said...

Y'know, I'm "old," but even my obviously-older-mother was born after the era of the Charleston!

It's funny, though...I enjoyed watching this clip, and I have seen the part before where the guy is dancing with the life-sized doll tied to his shoes!

As for the music of my youth, I'll take Chicago, ELO, CCR, BST, The Buckinghams, and the Moody Blues, to name a few!

the reverend mommy said...

Must they dance with animals? Must they??

Anonymous said...

I was with Will and Vicki in the previous thread; however you really need to fine tune your time machine jukebox.