Thursday, April 12, 2007

Calling Out Evil

John Podhoretz on the woman responsible for the Duke non-rape case nightmare:

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

She is the woman who falsely accused three Duke University students of rape. Yesterday, the attorney general of North Carolina came forward and flatly declared the three young men "innocent of these charges."

That means their accuser is a liar.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

It is the policy of the news media not to publish the names of rape accusers on the grounds that they should not have to fear public shame for coming forward with word of a horrifying personal violation.

That is a noble policy. But it needs a codicil. The codicil is that if a rape accuser is revealed as a liar, her name should be spoken loudly and often - as loudly and often as the names of those whom she falsely accused have been over the past year.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

She must be denied anonymity because she makes a mockery of the very policy of granting anonymity to rape accusers. We do not publish their names so that they will not fear public exposure. But people who are tempted to do the monstrous thing Mangum did should fear public exposure.

They should be terrified of it.

They should have nightmares about it.

They should be given no encouragement whatsoever to believe they can launch a nuclear weapon at someone's reputation and escape unscathed.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum, and she should not escape the world's scorn because she is poor, or because she is black, or because her life circumstances led her to work as a "stripper."

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum, and she does not deserve to lick the underside of the shoes of hardworking and honest people of color and modest means who somehow manage to get through life without attempting to destroy and defile the lives of others.

Amen. Let Crystal Gail Magnum, who unfortunately will not be facing criminal charges for her evil, never escape the infamy of her depraved crimes against these boys.

Hat tip: Ace


Keith McIlwain said...

She's obviously a very troubled woman who needs both Jesus and professional counseling, and was used by manipulative, self-serving politicians. I pray she gets the help she needs.

John said...

Let her get counseling. In prison.

John said...

Addendum: Crystal Gail Magnum can be redeemed. She can be helped. She can find wholeness in Jesus Christ. But for there to be earthly justice in this case, she must be criminally prosecuted for her despicable actions. She knowingly accused three boys of rape when, as the Attorney General of NC says, no rape occurred.

Todd said...

The worst that could be brought against her, criminally, would be filing a false report. And that would most likely be a misdemeanor. Since she never was place under oath, she cannot be accused of perjury, a felony. So we are left with the fact that lying is not a crime. She will not be doing time.

But I am very interested in what the Duke guys have to say on 60 Minutes Sunday.

Tom Jackson said...

I think the prosecutor in that case is at least equally blameworthy; as a lawyer, he presumably knew the difference between right and wrong.

(Or maybe he only knew the difference between legal and illegal.)

In any event, he needs to be first disbarred and then sued into complete financial oblivion.

Anonymous said...

How dare you call yourself Christians. You are all hypocrites and easily deceived. If an AG can now dismiss charges, just like that, for a black person than eventually it can happen to you too.
Americans are truly tards and emotional and arrogant. A country of Laws? I spit in your face and say NO, NO, NO. Lawlessness in the name of Jesus. They are not innocent. Merely, the charges were dropped. Take the mote from your own eyes. The AG dismissed the case. A grand jury stated enough evidence existed. The district attorney felt it was true. None of you white lynchers have any idea what evidence was available or what kind of good-ole-boy clubs exist at Duke and in the south. You claim she was innocent but when have you ever heard of a woman not getting her day in court because an attorney general dropped the charges. This is not a country of laws but of arrogant fake Christians who are all going to hell. Shame on you uncircumcised philistines. Shame-on-You!

Rick said...


Whenever I see someone drop bombs like this, I wish they would reveal themselves instead of driving by and missing the clean-up.

Remember, there are law and gospel in our spiritual lives, and there is law in our earthly lives. Nifong never put Crystal in the position to have to tell the truth. Shame on him; he milked this for all it was worth.

The law exists for two reasons: 1) to punish, and 2) to set an example to others. If I remember correctly, it was St. Peter who said that. So, I ask you, what in this post opposes that sentiment?

Also, not only were the charges dropped, but the boys were declared innocent. The AG did not say there was insufficient evidence to convict them, but that there was no evidence. Big difference between "none" and "insufficient". The words are important.

Finally, if I recall correctly, public sin is to be rebuked publicly. So, again, I am missing your point.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make WHAT my name is you hypocrite. Don't tell me about the laws and then accept an attorney general's decision over whether a woman gets her day in court. That is not lawful, that is what grand juries are for you idiot. White people are so stupid I guess they need white privilege to protect them from themselves. How dare you accuse her of lying based upon a good ole boy's decision you tards. Stop hiding behind scripture because YOU don't know Jesus or scripture and you definitely don't know the law. You are arrogant and irreverent and you sicken me. White people are ALL going to hell, save a couple. You are all descendants of liars, thieves and destroyers. Once you spawned from the dark ages you murdered and killed in the name of God. Now you are doing the same thing to this woman who never had a trial. You are lynchers and gossipers and maligners. You represent everything the bible talks about with reference to the last days. And another thing, Anonymous. Where is YOUR stupid name in the post. You make me sick to my stomach, the lot of you hypocrites. Let me get off of here before I bust a blood vessel in my head. You ARE ALL EVIL CREATURES. Keith, don't pray for here. Your prayers are condemnatory. John, she was NOT convicted you jerk. Redemption is the work of God not some self-rightious Pharisee. Todd, you do not know if this woman lied you jerk. Though you make the most sense, you too are a hypocritical white putrid creature. NONE OF YOU ARE CHRISTIANS. REPENT AND GET REDEEMED. RACISTS.

Anonymous said...

What cult are you from Rick? I cannot believe that you have posted that garbage. Public Sin? Who are you, Moses? You people have hardened hearts and I cannot wait for God to teach you your respective lessons. Your times are all coming because God's word does not come back void. Pure unadulterated evil, the lot of you. How dare you condemn this stranger. Media lap dogs.

Whitcomb said...

I don't believe she made a false, I don't. The anonymous commentator was intemperate in her language, but correct in her point. The law in this nation is designed to protect property and privalage, not to do justice (the only just law is God's Law, and even then the humans who administrated it were corrupt). I don't belive that an African-American sex worker got a fair hearing when she went up against a group of rich white athletes. I think she told the truth. And anyone who thinks otherwise is part of what is wrong with this nation

John said...

Even though she changed her story several times, one of the alleged rapists was videotaped at an ATM on the other side of town at the time of the alleged rape, the other stripper there says that nothing happened, and that the DNA evidence implicates no one at the party?

Anonymous said...

To Whitcomb: First, I want to say you called my language intemperate. If I were to say, "you brood of vipers" or call the racist posters, masquerading as Christians, "children of the devil", would you still label my language "intemperate?" We are to hate sin and be intolerant of hypocrisy in the church. We are to admonish those claiming faith in Christ who call evil good and good evil. After all, Jesus used those words and I cannot tolerate injustice from children of the devil. I consider my post the overturning of tables in the temple. Second, it is refreshing to see one voice of reason in the mob on this Internet. A single man, unelected, in the executive branch cannot declare a person innocent. Third, why do you call me "her?" I never referred to my gender, Last: this blog thread is reminiscent of slavery. If a white person (I am making an assumption here) spoke in stead of a black (I have portrayed myself as such), the testimony was accepted, the black released and the whites appeased. How little things have really changed from slavery days to Jim crow to now. I see God's judgement on those in this country, the 5th cycle of discipline is in place, see Robert theime's ministry, (don't agree with all), and even if I must suffer, I am looking forward to see -amerigants in this sorry land -suffer.