Monday, April 16, 2007

Iraq Holding First Gaming Convention

It's called Ziggurat Con and will be held at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase on June 9. One major problem for the participants is the lack of supplies:

The largest problem with running a Con in Iraq, of course, is that there are no local stores or game publishers, and few game books on the post. Even dice are in short supply, with many soldiers breaking the unwritten taboo held by many gamers and (gasp!) sharing dice. Thankfully, many game publishers have also lent their support, and have agreed to supply game products to help the Con along. aethereal FORGE, Sovereign Press, Final Redoubt Press, Goodman Games, Paizo Publishing and Steve Jackson Games are among those that have thrown in their support for the convention.

Hat tip to Ace who adds:

Is your wife embarrassed by your refusal to throw out your six hundred Rifts rulebooks?

And he provides an address to send them so that they can get in the hands of American troops. That's a pretty good idea. Mine are just stacked away in a box, collecting dust.

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