Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why Country Music Is Popular

Jeff Foxworthy gets serious and explains why country music is popular and important.

Hat tip to Hot Air via Joe Carter.

Indeed. My favorite country singer is Alan Jackson. There used to be love ballads, but now we live in an age where one hears songs with detailed, graphic depictions of casual sex -- not about love. Country music is different, as this wonderfully romantic song demonstrates:


doodlebugmom said...

I could not agree more, country music is the best. My latest favorite is Emerson Drive/Moments. I posted that video to my blog a couple weeks ago.

~c. said...
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Anonymous said...

country music drives me crazy and always have. a few songs here and there are cool, but for the most part, its utter crap. i'll tell you why country music is popular, because country music wasn't really that popular throughout history until now. and a bunch of comtemporary country singers woke up and said "hey, lets aim our music towards a younger audience" and thats what they did, just like rap became popular. i know people who used to listen to everything BUT country, and NOW thier favorite kind of music IS country, WHY? because if society accepts it, then everyone else will sell out and do the same thing.