Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fired For Gossip

Here's an interesting news story: four employees of a New Hampshire town were fired for gossiping on the job. If this policy were enforced everywhere, public libraries and churches would be empty.

Hat tip: Instapundit


John Meunier said...

There is no other way to comment on this.

I just noticed the Gary Gygax in your header.

Do you have a bag of funny shaped dice somewhere in your house?

DannyG said...

You realize that if this were 4 guys engaged in "Lockeroom talk" about a female supervisor they would have been fired for sexual harrassment without comment or much notice.

Dallas Flower said...

I'm glad they were fired. I hope this sets an example for other employers with this problem. If women would keep their mouths shut about other co-workers, a few of my jobs would have been so much nicer.

Gossip reduces productivity for everyone in the workplace and even drives out good workers who AREN'T gossiping.

Good Riddance.

jimmorrow said...

Keeping yourself busy?

How's the new gig?


John said...

Actually, John, I lost my dicebag (a Crown Royal bag, of course) during a prior move. As I haven't gamed in three years, I've had no need to replace it.

John said...

Gossip is inevitable. But I've seen situations in public library staffs where it's become so institutionalized -- where gossip has formally replaced normal business conduct, instead of being something done quietly.