Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Question of the Day

Which Was the Best Episode of Classic Star Trek?
City on the Edge of Forever
Balance of Terror
The Doomsday Machine
The Trouble with Tribbles
Mirror, Mirror
Space Seed
Amok Time
Devil in the Dark
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UPDATE: Are you freakin' serious, people? The Trouble With Tribbles?! What's next, are you going to nominate Spock's Brain for an Emmy?


Kenny said...

Did you know... "Amok Time" was written by none other than Theodore Sturgeon, the greatest writer you've never heard of, and also inventor of the Prime Directive. :)

I highly recommend reading all the Sturgeon you can find.

Tom Jackson said...

But 95 percent of Sturgeon is crud, isn't it?

Kenny said...

Only 90, I believe :)

Knapsack said...

Ep# 49, "A Piece of the Action." It ain't on the list, but i'm votin', ain't i, ya mook?

Art said...

'Tribbles' has to be my all-time LEAST favorite ST episode!

John Wilks said...

I gotta say that Balance of Terror is the best TOS script IMHO.