Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Methoblogger Cookbook

Here's an idea that I'm floating around: as a community, the Methoblogosphere should assemble a cookbook and publish it on -- just like churches all over the country do. What do you say?

Further discussion here.


the reverend mommy said...

I'm in -- you know my opinion.

DannyG said...

I am willing to offer up my scallops in white champaign sauce, if Asbury blesses it.

John said...

Excellent! Spread the word.

Lorna said...

we discussed a cook book on Rev Gals - but I think a Wesleyan one would be great.

could we have a section of breads around the world.

Also agree where profits would go.

CBrulee said...

I assume it will contain Communion breads, divine soups, heavenly crock pot recipes, and the obligatory Angel Food Cake. Yum!

I have a Puerto Rican Pink Bean recipe that makes my mouth water just remembering its savory aroma.