Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 10 Worst Things To Do During a Zombie Outbreak

One from a list:

Don't get too creative with zombie defense.
Sure, chainsaw slits in your van seemed like a good idea at the time, before you filled your car with fumes and exhaust, passed out at the wheel and got yourself sawed in half. The temptation to get very creative with zombie dispatching can seem almost unbearable at times, but when it comes to killing zombies, that old adage applies: Keep it simple, stupid!

Don't get all Ash on the undead. Just do what you need to do to methodically contain and wipe out a zombie infestation. The KISS rule applies to all areas of life, including surviving zombie attacks.

Hat tip: Neatorama

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John Wilks said...

Personally, I think grafting a chainsaw on one arm is the way to go. I mean, once you've killed all the undead, you can make a nice living on the Ice Sculpture circuit. Beats working at S-Mart your whole life.