Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Israelites Sue God for Breach of Covenant

NEW YORK–Attorneys representing the Tribe of Abraham filed suit against God in New York's Southern District Court Monday, citing 117 specific instances of breach of covenant.

The Israelites are seeking $4.2 trillion in punitive and compensatory damages.

"My client, the Children of Israel, entered into this covenant with the Defendant in good faith. They were assured, in writing, that in exchange for their exclusive worship of Him, they would be designated His chosen people and, as such, would enjoy His divine protection and guidance for eternity," said Marvin Sachs, the Manhattan attorney bringing the suit on behalf of the Israelites. "Yet, practically from the moment this covenant was signed, the Defendant has exhibited a blatant and willful disregard for its terms."

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Anonymous said...

And now on top of everything else He has to worry about, it's getting sued. I guess you missed this story:

Art said...

You do realize that story was in the Onion, don't you?

John said...

Yes. Your point being?

Art said...

Just making sure;)