Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Investment Opportunity for Methobloggers

Do you ever notice that blogging can take up so much time? That you often have to wade through boring posts to find the good stuff? That navigating through your favorite blogs can be a chore?

My friends, I want to give you the first crack at a new investment opportunity coming down the pike. I'm going to build a monorail around the Methoblogosphere!

That's right: no more waiting, no more delays in your blogging lifestyle. The Methoblogosphere Monorail will take you through the finer points of our community likety-split.

And I'm selling shares in this exciting new opportunity. A mere $79.95 buys you one share in the monorail, and $299.95 will get you four!

You'd better hope that you saw this post first and hurry up and jump on board the Methoblogosphere Monorail Project! This is an incredible chance to build up the community, contribute to the needs of the people, and make money.

Just send $79.95 via PayPal for your very first share in the MMP, and climb on board the gravy train to financial freedom! Don't wait! You don't have time to go through all of that financial planning nonsense! Seize the moment and help build the monorail!


Tom Jackson said...

I believe Shane Raynor once tried something like this; you may want to talk to him and see where the problems were.

The Thief said...

You should probably hire Lyle Lanley to help you build this monorail, just like he did in Brockway, Ogdonville, and North Haverbrook.