Saturday, November 24, 2007

Film Review: Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead is a documentary about one group of survivors from a 2004 zombie uprising in London. It features high-quality footage from the flight of several Britons through their zombie-infested neighborhood for a full day before rescue.

Their leader, Shaun, displayed the core characteristics of a zombie-attack survivor: planning, watchfulness, and aggression. Alone among his companions, Shaun realized the gravity of the situation and responded with a thoughtful plan to lead them to safety. He was (partially) successful in large part due to his ferocious swinging of a cricket bat at the heads of approaching undead. He demonstrates a remarkable ability to improvise in challenging and changing combat situations.

Shaun's thoughtfulness is contrasted with other people caught on camera refusing to take the threat seriously, and consequently failing to survive.

People preparing for a zombie attack would be well-advised to watch this film to examine what works and what doesn't in an undead crisis.


tck said...

Fun film. Stunning review.

JD said...

But ultimately, isn't keeping one as a pet never a good idea, no matter how well intentioned?


John said...

Indeed. That was Shaun's greatest mistake. Zombies are not toys or pets. They are very dangerous and should be killed immediately.