Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pastoral Reading Habits

Allan Bevere has an excellent post about the importance of pastors engaging in regular study in order to be effective, particularly in the pulpit:

Not only is it critical to take sufficient sermon preparation time each week, the pastor needs to read and study on a daily basis. At any one time I am reading four different books-- one in theology, one in biblical studies, one in pastoral ministry, and a final book in a miscellaneous area (American history, politics, etc.). I also make sure that I read authors with whom I know I am going to have major disagreements. It is all too easy for us to read those writers who confirm our beliefs rather than challenge them. If the pastor is not engaging with the profound theology of the ages and the wisdom of others, he or she will not preach engaging sermons. Church folk with any depth of faith can spot a shallow preacher from a mile away.

What are your reading habits?


gavin richardson said...

i read the introduction of every book and then figure that i've got the idea of it. then i scratch it up and maybe put some coffee stains on it to make it look like i actually did read it. then i reference it in total vague statements. it's gotten me to where i am today. i might ride this pony all the way to bishop. &:~)

John said...

Everyday, I read Instapundit, Ace of Spades, Neatorama, and I Can Has Cheezburger?

Allan R. Bevere said...


And to think all these years, I have been taking the time to read all these books when I could have taken the "Gavin-Notes" approach.

I can't believe I have wasted so much of my life!

greg hazelrig said...

i love to read, but i read slow which hinders me at times. there's no way for me to read 4 books at a time because id never finish.

actually, i do try to read two at a time though. i have a non-fiction (spiritual, pastoral leadership, etc.) that i will read when given the chance during the day. at night before bed and on vacations i read fiction (typically Christian fiction or fantasy or sci-fi).

right now im about to buy the book unchristian for the day and am reading a book called dragonspell at night.

Mark Winter said...

I go through reading spurts and then long, dry periods. Right now I'm gobbling up stuff from the church fathers and mothers, especially on the practice of contemplative prayer.

I also enjoy juvenile fiction, just for the fun of it. Right now I'm reading books by John Bellairs, who writes ghost stories.