Friday, December 07, 2007

A Map Showing the Distribution of Megachurches in America


Hat tip: Allan Bevere


Dave said...

Seems to coincide with population centers.

What about salt lake city, or do the mormons not have "churches"?

Rev. J said...

What I found interesting is the highest concentration of megachurches seem to be outside the so called 'Bible Belt'.

larry said...

A couple comments:

1. I expected more in Texas than what I saw on the map.

2. Atlanta seemed to have a very high concentration - not surprising in and of itself, but again I expected Dallas to equal or exceed Atlanta, which it didn't.

3. There were more along the East coast north of Virginia than I expected and less south of Virginia than I expected.

Thanks for posting the link!

John said...

Seems to coincide with population centers.

Not so in NYC, Boston, or Philadelphia.