Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rev. Borg

DannyG on strange job titles at church:

A case in point is the "Minister of Assimilation " positon at our church and, as I have googled, many others. This usually is the person in charge of new members and, often times, recruitment (i.e. evangelism). You'd think that a title like "minister of membership" or "minister of recruitment" or something like that would be more clear and straight foreward. Instead, a $2.00 word is used when a $0.25 word would do fine. Then, there is the law of uninteded consequences: when I hear the word "assimilation" the first association that I have is "BORG". (J) had thought that I was just being sarcastic when I was talking about our Minister of Assimilation, but she actually read the staff list in a publication and there it was, the official title! She had the same thought that I did. We actually broke up laughing at the mental immage of a "Borg", in full vestments, declaring that "You will be assimilated, resistance is futile". Of course, perhaps that type of persistance would be a good thing, if not so scary an immage. I actually mentioned this to one of our senior pastors, and got a blank stare...apparently not a Star Trek fan. Now, I just wish that I was handy at Photo-Shop, to bring that mental immage to life!


Jeff the Baptist said...

We have a Director of Assimilation because it isn't a pastoral position. It's currently filled by the senior pastor's wife. I guess he's already been assimilated.

John said...

What is her job involve?